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Dean Jennings

Musician. Saxophone Player. Renaissance man

First Thursday Jazz Night at The Funky Taco
June 6th Event

Once a month, on the First Thursday, The Funky Taco will have a jazz night hosted by the Dean Jennings Jazz Quintet. We will occasionally feature local jazz artists and have our friends drop by to sit in. So, we know it will be a spontaneous and exciting evening of live jazz.

June 6th will be a happening night. The songs performed are built on the backs of legendary musicians from the past and present. Jazz is all about paying tribute to its history and language.

Jazz Night @ Funky Taco - Downtown Boise on the Corner of Bannock St. & 8th St. - Thursday 06/06/2024, 8:30 - 10:30 pm

For this month's Jazz Night, we will feature the incredible bass player Tzroy Furgoosen. Tzroy performs with some of the best small groups in the Treasury Valley, comes in cold to a situation, and burns it up on bass without preparation.   

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